Run Like a Boss
Improve Your Performance in the Gym...
by Getting Out
of the Gym
Tia-Clair Toomey on Run Like a Boss™...
"The Running Lab is the real thing!
I have worked with Tim for
my last three CrossFit Seasons.
Run Like a Boss sessions are always Challenging.. FUN.. and Benefit
all my other training"
  •  All sign ups include...
  •  Programming for Athletes of ALL Abilities
  •  One Session / Week to Use in Conjunction with Your Current Training
  •  3-Week Run Like a Boss™ Technique Video Series (Value $220)
  •  Full Access to the Run Like a Boss™ Community Group
  •  Technique Analysis and Feedback
  •  Recurring Subscription... Cancel Any Time
Sample Sessions...
Sled to Shuttle Fun
All the 8's
Sandbag Recovery
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Run Like a Boss™
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