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Saturday + Sunday
20th + 21st October 2018

"Absolutely fantastic course! I highly recommend it to any practitioner who is interested in developing strength within their patients for rehabilitative purposes or performance. Eye opening!"

Jackson McCosker (Podiatrist)

FEET have 66 MUSCLES Attached to them...
These Muscles can be STRONG or they can be WEAK

FEET have 66 Moveable JOINTS...
These Joints can function as Powerful SPRINGS or Dysfunctional BRICKS

What Structured Training Plan do YOU offer Your Client's FEET

Mobility Exercises + Proprioceptive Training + gradual increase in 
Load & Volume = 
Performance Enhancing Feet

Unlocking the Hidden Potential of FEET is just a click away...
Australia's Premier Strength and Conditioning Workshop for Feet
Become an industry leader in assessing and training Performance Enhancing Feet
Saturday + Sunday
20th + 21st October 2018

"The StrongFeet™ Certification clearly explains the untapped potential of the human foot and how regaining its natural function will significantly improve performance and health."

Luke Starr (Strength & Performance Coach)

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