Make YOUR Feet an Asset.. Not a Liability

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How much TIME have YOU Invested in Training Your FEET
Feet NEED to be Strong..  To Run.. Hop.. Skip.. Jump..  And to Carry You Around for LIFE

Would You Like FEET Strong enough to handle 10,000+ Steps Each and Every Day

Can You Picture How Amazing 66 Healthy Joints and 40 Strong Powerful Muscles in Your Feet Will Be

Your FEET Are Full of Potential...
Potential to Get After Life the way YOU want to

All You Need is to Train Your Feet to be the Strong Powerful Springs they are Designed to be
Inside this course you will learn...
HOW to TRANSFORM Your Feet From Bricks to SPRINGS
Course Details
Learn HOW to use the Hardware you were Born with (FEET) to 
Enjoy and Attack Active Living the way You Deserve
  • Weekly DRILL Videos to train the Balance, Coordination and Motor Control Needed for Healthy Living.. 1 per week for 6 weeks
  • Video Library with content on Footwear.. Strength and Posture.. Mobility for Performance.. all videos available immediately
  • Many of the Drills can be performed in the comfort of your Living Room, Office or even your Bathroom
  • Your TIME commitment per Drill is as little as 10secs.. you simply perform the drill "a little and often" throughout your normal day
StrongFeet™.. Strong Living
Strong Fit and Healthy...
except my Feet
"I was a slave to orthotics when I met Tim. Ironically my feet were always in pain when I wore orthotics and supportive shoes. I am proud of the Strong Functional Feet I have developed with Tim's help.. And I now pass Tim's knowledge to my clients as well."
Jonathan Franze.. (Franze Fitness)
No more Wasted MONEY
on Orthotics
"I was sold orthotics for Flat Feet as I was told this was causing my Low Back Pain. StrongFeet™ had me ditch my orthotics.. train my Feet.. And now I am Running, Lifting and Living pain free."
Drew Slater
Transform YOUR Feet Today
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