RUNNING... Practitioner + Coach Workshop

WOLLONGONG - Monday 6 November
(Wollongong can be added to the StrongFeet Certification on 4+5 Nov - CLICK HERE for Details)
Offer YOUR Clients STRONG EFFICIENT RUNNING as part of your unique Toolset

"The Running Lab provides logical,
step-by-step methods for those looking to develop their running efficiency and ability. I have helped dozens of athletes benefit from The Running Lab drills and exercises, incorporating them into my programming for individuals and classes."

Luke Starr (Strength and Performance Coach)

Would YOU like to offer your Clients a TRUE Solution to their constant barrage of Running Injuries...

Would YOU like a SYSTEM to improve Your Client's Personal Best Running Times...

The WEAKEST body part of almost all Runners I treat as a Podiatrist is their FEET...

The MAGIC of The Running Lab is Drills for Strength and Posture, Technique and Mobility

My entire RUNNING LAB Assessment and Training Protocols
in one jam packed Workshop... BOOK Your Ticket Below
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"I have been able to create a real niche in my area and be more selective in the type of patients I want to see. My clients have a greater understanding of foot and lower limb function and have seen improved treatment outcomes and enhanced performance"

Caleb McInnes (Podiatrist)

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