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How much TIME have YOU Invested Learning HOW to Run
Running is a SKILL..  A Skill which needs to be Learned..  Just like Learning how to Swim

YOU will take more than 5000 Steps in your next 5k Run.. that's 5000 opportunities to Grind YOUR Knees to Dust

Are Your FEET Strong enough to handle 3x your Bodyweight for over 5000 steps each and every Run

Did You Know the way YOU Stand when ordering Your Morning Coffee has a HUGE Influence on Your Ability to Run INJURY Free

What would it mean to YOUR Running to have the 66 Joints of your Feet function as SPRINGS rather than Bricks
Inside this course you will learn...
HOW to Run Smooth.. EFFICIENT.. and with Less Effort
Course Details
Learn HOW to use the Hardware you were Born with (FEET) to 
  • Weekly DRILL Videos to train Movement Patterns needed for Running.. 1 per week for 6 weeks
  • Video Library with content on Footwear.. Strength and Posture.. Mobility for Performance.. all videos available immediately
  • Many of the Drills can be performed in the comfort of your Living Room, Office or even your Bathroom
  • Your TIME commitment per Drill is as little as 10secs.. you simply perform the drill "a little and often" throughout your normal day
Running.. a JOY Once More
"After returning to regular running, I found my poor technique was leading to annoying niggles and injuries. I undertook the Running Lab course where I was provided with technical advice and effective drills. My technique was fine tuned using methods unique to the Running Lab. The difference in my running has astounded me. Running is now a joy once again."
Jakki Agostino
Told NEVER to Run Again...
"After been told by several practitioners not to run due to previous injuries, I approached The Running Lab. Now, with several half marathons and marathons under my belt, I feel stronger than ever when running, and I run with confidence knowing I am not damaging myself. I use the cues I learned from the program to auto-correct while out enjoying my running. You need to experience The Running Lab to improve your ability to run, tackle reoccurring injuries or simply enjoy the activity of running."
Paul Hughes
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