Supercharge your FEET and your CrossFit with Australia's most Successful CrossFit Running Coach

What You Get:

1. One hour with Running Lab owner Tim Bransdon

2. Share this session with a friend, spouse or training buddy for the same price (max of 3 people per hour booking)

3. Strength and Conditioning for Feet.. Guaranteed running improvement

4. 3-week video series after your session to ensure you Run Like a Boss™

Running Lab Masterclass Sessions
** Limited Time Slots Available **
"The Running Lab is the real thing. I have worked with Tim my last two CrossFit seasons. Tim's workshop will teach you everything about Running.. Feet.. and it is a lot of Fun"
Tia-Clair Toomey
CrossFit Games Champion
Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist
Saturday 23rd March 2019
CrossFit Beach Mode
$180 per one hour session

- Pay as little as $60 by sharing your session with a
training partner or two
- Maximum three people per hour booking
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